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It’s starting to get cold, really cold. This is fantastic news for all you hat-lovers out there because here at Feathers we have some great head-gear that is sure to keep your brain warm throughout the season. As modeled by our lovely Knightsbridge gang who have picked their favourites our shop floor and website have to offer…

This is Alicja, our fabulous Knightsbridge manager peacing out with one of Scha’s fabulous red berets…

Scha’s philosophy, described by the designer herself, goes along the lines of the following:  “They are about form, they are about colour, they are about structure, they are not so much about decoration, they are about beauty, they are about simplicity, they are about reduction, they are about perfection…”

This is Jelena, our Russian maven sporting an Yves Salomon furry number…

This is Olia – our Greek delight looking adorable in a CA4LA fluffy number…

I guess for starters, we should enlighten you on how to pronounce this Japanese designer’s name – “Ka-Shi-La” meaning “head” or “top” in Japanese. They believe wearing a hat should be a worldwide pleasure and so do we!

This is a snap from their cool store in Harajuku – if that’s too far, you know where to go…!

When discussing hats and who wore/wears them best, it was obvious to conclude that it must be a British ‘It Girl” thing…

Anita Pallenberg

Alexa Chung

Jean Shrimpton

Keira Knightley

Marianne Faithfull

Charlotte Rampling

Shop the rest of our fabulous hats here.

from left: Alexander Wang, CA4LA, CA4LA, Moncler, Rick Owens