A round-up of what the Feathers gals have been discussing in the stockroom this week!

– The first and perhaps the most obvious is how cold we are! In fact, we’re unsure a minute has gone by without someone mentioning blue toes, goosebumps, smoke coming out of our mouths (while inside) and of course, snow. It has taken all of our power not to walk around the shop floor with one of these Moncler beauties:

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– Here at Feathers HQ we are all big X Factor fans but have admitted to cringing at the “point at the village idiot” style the show can occasionally undertake. This year, to beat out the X Factor finalist to the Christmas Number 1 chart position, artists such as Peter Doherty, Orbital and Imogen Heap will be recording the sound of ‘nothing’. Yep, you read that correctly – they will be recording the sound of an orchestra not playing. Now, we are all for great Christmas alternatives but we hardly believe that the sound of ‘nothing’ is great way of getting people in to the holiday spirit? At least jingle something? What do you lot think? Is this a good idea or a disaster?

– Rumours are surfacing that Carven designer Guillarme Henry will be hosting the fashion house’s first runway show next season. Nothing excites us more than not only seeing a heritage brand reborn, but witnessing the transformation at a live show. Fingers crossed this is more than a rumour! Don’t forget to shop our Carven selection here.

– On a final note, despite how cold we are, signs of Spring are starting to arrive…