Of all our great new designers joining the Feathers shop floor, Husam el Odeh is one that really gets us excited.  Husam won the Emerging Talent award for Accessories at the British Fashion Awards 2010 and with a 6 page feature solely dedicated to his work in Dazed and Confused, its obvious that he is more than just another talent. Nonetheless when we were presented with the opportunity to sit down with Husam and discuss what’s been going on for SS11, we simply couldn’t wait! Here’s what he had to say for himself:

F: Tell us a bit about your latest collection..
H: My SS 2011 collection is inspired by transition. It all started with a charm I received as a gift and  wanted to wear, but was too intricate and decorative which appeared tasteless to me so I decided to melt it down. Half way through the process I found myself intrigued by the stage at which the metal was about to disappear. The collection became based on the transition of material – disintegrating, reforming, changing colour and shape, but with all the layers of its essence still intact. It became a romantic take on the sculptural traditions of the likes of Anish Kappoor, infused with a narrative. I loved the pseudo scientific feeling it created. Reminiscent of the futile efforts of the Alchemists, who never quite managed to create gold but were swept away on flights of fancy.

F: When do you feel most inspired and what are you usually drawn to as inspiration?
H: Its a really random thing for me but also kind of a constant thing. I can get really obsessed with something I found and will try to find out all about it or sometimes I suddenly remember an image or book randomly. I really collect ideas and references without meaning to and when I need to put a collection together, its just about editing those ideas down.

F: When did you realize you wanted to become a jewellery designer?
H: I studied Fine Art in Berlin and we had to do some workshops, one of them being a “precious metal” workshop which I had just signed up to because a couple of my classmates were going. I remember thinking “I could do this”. Years later it came back to me…

F: What was the first piece of jewellery you designed?
H: A toy soldier necklace

F: Which other designers do you admire?
H: Yves Saint Laurent, Karl Lagerfeld, Martin Magiela, however more the individuals rather than the brand…

F: Who is your dream customer?
H: A stylish, intelligent strong woman.

F: Where is your favourite city and why?
H: London followed by Berlin. London for its ecclectic mix, Berlin for its rich and broken history and lifestyle (its a bit slow though, so I tend to get annoyed a bit when I go now).

F: What would you save if your studio was on fire?
H: My Laptop…although my assistant just got very upset, so I better change it to her!

F: What is your favourite jewellery memory?
H: An email from Sarah from Colette while I was still at Uni… I felt like checking if she really meant to email me!

F: Who would you love to collaborate with and why?
H: Karl Lagerfeld, do I really have to say why?

F: What is your favourite restaurant in London and what should the Feathers readers order?
H: Otto Lenghi, the roast beef is amazing.

F: What is your next love after jewellery?
H: Is jewellery my first love? My absolute first love is standing in front of me eating Haribos.

F: What are you listening to on your iPod right now?
H: Duck Sauce by “Barbara Streisand”

F: Do you prefer Knightsbridge or Notting Hill? Why?
H: Knightsbridge, I live in Clerkenwell and work in Shoreditch so its a nice contrast.

Don’t forget to check out our amazing new selection of Husam El Odeh in our Knightsbridge branch of Feathers and also online at http://www.featherfashion.com