January is a tough month for die-hard fashion lovers. The weather and Christmas-weight suggests wearing head-to-toe black but the magazines are instructing us to step in to Spring. What’s a girl to do? Here at Feathers, we like to think we have January dressing sussed with luxury basics that are suited to every season.

A favourite of both fashion editors and buyers alike, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Les Chiffoniers leather leggings. Soft and durable, these will be bound to easily take you through this awkward trans-seasonal period.

The ultimate statement piece for next season is the classic White Shirt. Classic must never be boring, especially with this Alexander McQueen version.

Soft heather-grey is like receiving a hug in fashion form. Team this Vince knit with leather trousers and matching nails for a smarter approach to comfort dressing.

You can’t go wrong with a Faliero Sarti scarf to compliment any look on a rainy or sunny day..

Feet battered by party heels? These Alexander McQueen flats are like a pair of comfy slippers but better because they are in this season’s hottest snakeskin.

This Vince tan leather jacket is perfect if you’re looking to switch up you’re usual winter uniform of black and grey. Perfect with Winter and Spring colours, it will only be a win-win situation.

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