We are a very blog-conscious bunch over here at Feathers HQ. We trawl through hundreds in search for our new internet fashion crushes all the time. That’s why when a couple of months ago we found Man Repeller, she was pretty much all we could look and talk about on the shop floor. Little does she know, we have even dedicated mannequins in her honour. If you’re asking why we love her so much, its simple: us Feathers girls are a pack of Man Repellers. We like to think we are part of the London contingency keeping our fashion heads up high as we continue to ignore the fact that colour-blocking and pattern-clashing is perhaps not what the opposite sex find most alluring…

Here are our Top 5 reasons why we love the Man Repeller:

1: She has no qualms about getting involved with the inspiration behind the fashion. Case in Point: the paillettes remind her of a fish, so here she is pretending to be a fish.

2: She is equally as obsessed with Equipment silk shirts as ourselves. Don’t forget to come in store to try on this season’s brightest brights.

Equipment Silk Shirts Man Repeller

3: She has a knack for clashing animal prints whilst simultaneously spreading joy to photoshoots that were otherwise looking a bit sad…

4. We love pretty much anyone who can wear head-to-toe leather effortlessly. Not to mention her Rick Owens jacket…

man repeller leather rick owens

5: Last but not least, we love Man Repeller because she is a total fashion goofball who just wants to layer! Man Repeller doesn’t take fashion too seriously and neither do we…

If you fancy yourself a bit of a Man Repeller – here are our 10 top picks to keep those men away!

1: The Rick Owens wedge clog – to stamp your ground with.


2: The Ann Demeulemeester leather body armour – because its sexy BUT complicated.


3: The Roksanda Ilincic two-tone kaftan dress – because nothing will confuse a man more than 2 dresses in 1.

roksanda-ilincic-two-tone-kaftan-dress4: The Ann Demeulemeester 5-Signet ring – to confuse matters on whether you’re taken or not.

ann-demeulemeester-5-signet-ring-set5: The Rick Owens Lilies pleated jumpsuit – need we say more?


6: The Opening Ceremony “Chantal” shoe – a floral, platform heeled repelling weapon

opening-ceremony-chantal-3-shoe7: Vince cotton stonewash cargo trousers – to give off that ever-appealing militant vibe

vince-cotton-stonewash-trouse8: The Givenchy spine necklace – just what every man loves, human bones!


9: The Alexander Wang over-sized blazer – over-sized anything usually repels the most.


10: This Moschino pearl detailed jacket – perhaps to remind his of his mother? (only cooler)


Happy repelling everyone! Make sure to click on the highlighted links above to shop.

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images courtesy of The Man Repeller