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Its been a rather busy week in Fashion Land! Here are some of the things we’ve been discussing, debating and plain ol’ chin wagging about at Feathers HQ.

The Red Sole Debacle: It looks like Monsieur Louboutin doesn’t only have the high-street copy-cats to battle but also eponymous label Yves Saint Laurent! The trademarked and infamous red sole had been copied by YSL however some argue that the shoes are part of a range that have soles matching the colour of the upper, rather than various colours shoes each with a red sole. [Grazia Daily]

We say scrap the red sole all together and indulge in a pair of these Camilla Skovgaard sculptural beauties. Click on the highlighted links or shoes to shop!

Camilla_Skovgaard_SS11Are We Now Going To See The Real Kate Moss? You watch a TV ad or see a billboard featuring a flawless beauty that then leads you to purchase the new miracle mascara/foundation/eye cream, you take it home, give it a month, realize it wasn’t what it was hyped up to be and then usually repeat the cycle in vein hope of eventually looking like said flawless beauty on TV or on the billboard. All of us Feathers girls are guilty of it and we’re sure you are too. Well the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) and Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice (BCAP) just released new advertising guidelines for cosmetics advertising that will hopefully lead us to purchasing our creams, powders and gels based on the TRUTH.  These include: The use of misleading lash inserts, the excessive use of hair extensions in hair care ads, the use of fake nails in nail care ads and re-touching pictures to remove fine lines and wrinkle, hair fly-aways, and skin blemishes (for example) if the products are claiming to help those issues. Hurrah! [Fashionista]

We say, embrace the natural beauty and distract those who care away from fine lines, imperfect skin etc and frame your face with these Husam El Odeh dream earrings:


– A new limited-edition Alexander McQueen skull-print scarf will be released to accompany the designer’s “Savage Beauty” retrospective exhibition at the Met. We think its gorgeous and a lovely way to commemorate a designer that was so loved and respected globally. We just wish the exhibition was being held here in London!


Take a look at our other McQueen scarves here. Don’t forget to click on the image to shop!

– Last but definitely NOT least… be sure to check back in with us as we unveil a very new and exciting Feathers website!