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Boy do we love discovering a new blog – especially one that shares a mutual admiration for designers that we are equally as enthusiastic about. Based in the States, Dorota of The Divinitus has carefully curated a blog where the aesthetic is as militant and consistent as that of one of her favourite designers: Rick Owens.

The Divinitus is not about looking feminine or on-trend. Instead, she opts for a head-to-toe celebration of structure, abstract cut, volume and a casual nod to the avant-garde.

Mademoiselle Divinitus, we salute you! Here are some of our favourite looks:

Dorota’s closet bears an uncanny resemblance to the right hand wall of the Feathers Knightsbridge branch….

Like the look? Perhaps you’ll like some of the items below. Click on the worded links or image to shop!

1. Sheer blouse, Givenchy 2. Cropped leather jacket, Rick Owens 3. Necklace, KD2024 4. Necklace, Ann Demeulemeester 5. Trousers, Damir Doma 6. Leather rucksack, Alexander Wang 7. Sleeveless jacket, Rick Owens 8. Ring, Dominic Jones 9. Leather panelled leggings, Rick Owens 10. Cropped leather jacket, Ann Demeulemeester 11. Bag, Damir Doma 12. Necklace Ugo Cacciatori 13. Maxi dress, Haider Ackermann

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