To celebrate the launch of the brand spanking new Far Fetch site, the Feathers team hosted a breakfast for fashion editors and bloggers to nibble on smoked salmon and cream-cheese sandwiches whilst perusing the new site.

A little snippet of the new home page:

far_fetch_redesign_home_pageOur celebratory windows designed by the ever-so-talented Echo Morgan:



Checking out the new site on possibly the largest touch screens we have ever laid eyes on:

A spot of breakfast from a Bird’s Eye View:

A press event doesn’t come with its usual MAYJAH tidy-up – here is what our Knightsbridge branch looks like right now (yes, it is still this tidy during SALE time too!)

We’ve started referring to this as ‘Colour Corner on Ground Floor’

… which is right next to Givenchy leopard print. It can’t get much better really…

Want to see what all this stuff looks like in person? And of course discounted as our SALE starts tomorrow… Pop by our Knightsbridge shop!