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It’s not as though we are living in Wisteria Lane a la Desperate Housewives but being in such close proximity to Harrods, we will admit to enjoying the odd bit of retail gossip here and there.

Melanie Stark, a 24 year old employee had worked for the Knightsbridge emporium for 4 years sans make-up. She had been repeatedly offered make-up workshops but declined on numerous occasions based on her principles.

“I was appalled. It was insulting. Basically, it was implying it would be an improvement. I don’t understand how they think it is OK to say that. I know what I look like with makeup. I have used it, though never at work. But I just could not see how, in this day and age, Harrods could take away my right to choose whether to wear it or not.”

Harrods is known for having a strict dress code, which states “full makeup” (base, blusher, full eyes, lipstick, lip liner and gloss) be worn at all times.

She goes on to add:

“It’s not like wearing black trousers, or a black shirt. This is my face. Make up can change your features completely, especially if I was to wear all of what they were asking. I would look like a different person to me. And I never chose to look like that.

Here at Feathers we like to celebrate individuality whilst remaining presentable. But do not believe that anyone should be forced to cake their face with layers of make-up.

What are your thoughts? Would you work somewhere that required a ‘full face’? Do you agree that Melanie deserved to get fired for abandoning the make-up etiquette? Please weigh in on the debate in our comments section!


Melanie Stark – image courtesy of The Guardian