This morning, the extremely charming Danish-born Camilla Skovgaard paid the Feathers team a mini visit to talk shop, shoes and stilettos. The Scandinavian beauty was wonderous; clad head to ankle in Feathers’ favourite, Rick Owens (the shoes – her own of course) and spoke with an ever-so-lovely comedic tone that kept us giggling throughout.  She told us about the experiences she gained whist studying shoe design and production at LCF’s Cordwainers College and at The Royal College. It was inspiring for us to discover that Camilla’s business took off swiftly after Saks purchased her first collection straight after graduating.

As her own customer, Camilla designs her sky-high shoes to be functional and not just for special occasions. Her signature “saw sole” is created to give women that extra grip and ease when walking or running, rain or shine, and she attests to it! She believes her shoes should be worn everyday, they should be part of an everday experience.  Constantly developing and improving the design and functionality of her shoes, Camilla aims to continue the direction of her unique aesthetic, making slight variations from season to season, all while keeping her voice present.

A true auteur!

Along with an interesting perspective on the current state of shoe production, she also made a note of her reasonable price-point, which she aims to keep lower than her fellow luxury-market competitors while maintaining the same quality. Always keeping it democratic!

After her visit, we were all completely convinced and left only to decide which pair of Skovgaards  to purchase…

Thank you Camilla ;)