As of Monday, we are officially in the Chinese year of the Dragon. According to history, this is the year for great deeds, innovative ideas and big projects. Sounds good to us!

In order to make your Year of the Dragon count, here are some traditional suggestions we’ve scoped out:

– The most important thing to remember is that the Dragon loves splendor and grandeur. Be sure to wear vibrant colours. Visit our current ‘Shop The Trend’ page for all things bright and beautiful!  

–  It is important that the New Year’s table is full of various specialties, and only fresh and natural foods. Dragon will appeal to rare species of fish, seafood and pumpkin. It is good to celebrate Chinese New Year with food that is seasoned with pepper and basil, ginger and cinnamon, cloves and chilli, coriander and nutmeg.

– The required decoration on the New Year’s table in accordance with the Dragon are candles. Don’t forget to come and visit us as Nest…In Feathers for a wide selection of these!

– Giving is receiving and a good gift for the upcoming year of the dragon will be those associated with water. It will have the power to bring success to its owner.

– During the New Year, don’t talk about the past, look to the future and new beginnings.

– On the 5th day of Chinese New Year, include  the dragon symbol somewhere in your life for prosperity, money and good luck.

– And finally, remember that the Dragon is a karmic animal. It returns a positive energy which you should give to others.


Love, the Feathers team xx