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Alternando da Uno A Cento e Viceversa, 1993

This past weekend we decided to head over to the Tate to check out the recently opened Alighiero Boetti exhibition.

Boetti is of the 1960’s Arte Povera School that seems to be ultra-trendy at the moment – cue the Italians: Antonio Marras, Etro. The retrospective showcases the artist’s broad body of work which includes endless experimentation across a multitude of media.

Centri di Pensiero, 1978. Ballpoint pen on paper.

From his obsession with stamps, commas and airplanes to the later Afghan-inspired embroidery, we were heavily inspired. We especially loved the artist’s 1978 Diptych covered with ballpoint pen, pictured above. Not to mention his early self-portraits and pencil explorations in which he used both hands and sides of his body and mind to illustrate investigations of the Self ; something highly surrealist in principal.  And of course, we absolutely adored his embroidery with major emphasis on the rugs and Tutto, which takes up space in the exhibition’s final room.

Tutto, 1986-1987

Do make it down if you can. And if you’re on the lookout for rugs, while we may not have any Boetti’s, we do have some fantastic Private 2024’s at Nest which recall a slightly similar (even if less colourful) ethnic vibe.