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If you’re looking for something to do this weekend in London – if the sun doesn’t come out of course – you should stop by the British Museum to check out their recently acquired set of etchings by Picasso.

Produced by the artist between 1930 and 1937, ‘The Vollard Suite’ commissioned by Ambroise Vollard was gifted to the museum in its complete set of 100. It is the first time we are able to view the complete collection in the U.K.

Brilliant in its entirety, the works, in sequence, illustrate a narrative of the artist’s life during this period, reflecting his erotic and artistic obsessions.  We see his relationship with Mistress Marie-Therese as well as his Minotaur alter-ego; each print presupposes the next.

 If you like a good narrative, not to mention a good Picasso, and fancy a free exhibition, pop over TBM to check out the Vollard Suite and enjoy the Rembrandts, Greek and Roman vases, antique marbles, Ingres drawings that sit alongside the Spanish artist’s work.

We wouldn’t mind a few prints from the suite up on the walls of our Nest…

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