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“Feather’s mark the pinnacle of nature’s achievements: the intersection of function & beauty”

The above quote was written by artist Chris Maynard to describe the material for his delicate and intricate artwork. When we discovered Maynard’s creations we instantly related to his medium and purpose for them. His artwork is intimate, not only exploring the colour, pattern and texture of the feather’s but also conveying the nature behind the origin of them and the birds they once came. We applaud him for his patient accuracy, precision and foresight to recycle a resource in order to give it purpose once more, transforming the feather’s into a stunning piece of artwork.


chris-maynard-2chris-maynard-4chris-maynard-5chris-maynard-10Picture 11Picture 9Picture 10If you would like to see more of this beautiful artwork visit Chris Maynard’s website: www.featherfolio.com and check out Feather’s feathers board on Pinterest