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Hotel Skovgaard: Room 77 is the new film project by Camilla Skovgaard to capture “the independent spirit of the Skovgaard woman with a feeling of subtle madness and slight discomfort while succeeding in her quest to break the mold of fashion films.’

Room 77 shows the darker side of the brand with this eerie video. Take a look and tell us what you think?!

Read the interview below from showstudio.com who talks to the designer about the film for her AW12/SS13 Resort collection….

Q. You are one of the pioneers of the statement, art-like shoe (now such a popular fashion item). What is it about footwear that can be so striking?

A. I want a distinct signature look across each collection, but I also want women to feel comfortable wearing my shoes rather than saving them in a box for special occasions. Materials are also important to this – I tend to source leathers that are meant to look better as they are worn.

Q. There’s a definite darkness to the film, why did you decide to go in that direction?

A. The film reveals a more true side of CS, which the press has not grasped in the past. One of the goals of the film was to address the change I have gone through as a person and a designer over the last six years – I am becoming more true to myself and not necessarily conforming to what others may want from me.

Q. The film takes place in ‘Hotel Skovgaard’. What does that symbolise?

A. The film was shot in Dubai. We specifically wished to shoot in Dubai and show that something different can come out of an area which traditionally is known for gloss. I’m anti-gloss. The hotel resonates with me because over the past few years I have spent so much of my time travelling for various aspects of the business and essentially living in and out of hotels.

Q. Does this film symbolise a change for you?

A. It is a new way of communicating the brand identity to the media and the customer. In addition, I was curious to explore film as opposed to just doing another photo-shoot. I am a bit of a film-buff myself. It was awesome to be on a film set – we shot on the first day for eighteen hours with a crew of some thirty people. It was so much fun.

Q.Finally, how should your shoes be worn?

A. The CS woman is bold and independent and has an innate sense of laid back yet elegant style.

New SS13 Camilla Skovgaard in store now and online very soon…