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Need a helping hand when it comes to making the most out of the january sales? If so, check out feathers featured on farfetch.com providing sensible advice to all you fashionista’s! Below is our full answers and tips to survive the chaos of the sale season….

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Feathers top tips: The Ultimate Guide to Shopping

Top tip for shopping for a specific event (wedding / party / holiday)

Isn’t it always the way?! As soon as you are looking for the perfect outfit or accessory for an event, you can never find it! You find yourself aimlessly trolling through the shops, not knowing what you’re looking for and not knowing what you’ve found. To help avoid this vortex I would recommend doing a little research online before venturing out to the shops. Find a source of inspiration in the pages of a magazine, or a fashion blog or a favourite movie and grasp the look you’re after to narrow your search. If you are unsure of which colours & silhouettes look best on you, don’t be afraid to ask shop assistants or email e-tailors for their advice. They know their stock better than anyone else and are trained to help find the best possible outfit for you. That’s our philosophy at feathers!

Top tip for shopping the sales

Shopping sales can be overwhelming for even the most seasoned of shoppers. So to help maintain your cool, calm and collected demeanour as you find the steal of the season, I would recommend the following tips:

Be in the right frame of mind to do some serious foraging. Give yourself plenty of time and minimize distractions ie. a friend who isn’t interested, a rumbling tummy etc.

Think about what is missing from your wardrobe and what you really want. This will help you avoid coming away with a pile of clothes that is a repetition of your current wardrobe or the dreaded “buyers remorse”.

 Buy it because you love it not because its cheaper….. It is all too easy to be swayed because it is discounted.

Top tip: things to avoid

Look at you wardrobe first…. It is easy to forget what is already in there

If you want some sale-hunting support, choose your companion wisely. It should be someone who you trust to give you an honest opinion, who’s aesthetic you trust, and who you know won’t try to talk to you out of an item just because they want it for themselves (cheeky!).

 Top tip for shopping for your body type

If you are not sure what suits your body shape, my first tip is trial and error…. Try different shapes and see what nips in your waist, elongates your legs or lifts that bottom. Secondly never be afraid to ask a shop assistant, they are there to help and should be there also as a stylist…. If this worries you I always pick the shop assistant that is either a similar body shape or who has an outfit or style I like. They will probably have a better understanding of what you’re after and you will be reassured that you will be pointed in the direction that best suits you! Be open to new ideas and flexible if they nudge you out of your comfort zone, however, do not be afraid to say “no” to something you really don’t like.

Top tip: shopping wardrobe essentials

I always spend more money on items like coats, shoes and bags, as these are the items I will wear the most frequent as well as for more than one season. Invest in classic shapes then mix and match them with new pieces that are either trend lend or update your look for that season.

Most of the time you go back to the same basics in you wardrobe time after time, so highlight what your essentials are, for many it’s a white shirt, blazer, leather jacket, etc and invest in those, making your purchases stretch further.

Top tips for shopping a trend

My rule of thumb is to not wear something that doesn’t suit your body or your sense of style just because it is on trend. Trends are there to inspire you but fashion is about style. A great way to follow trends and feel up to date is to incorporate them in small ways. For example if leopard print is popular on the catwalk that season, you don’t have to wear it head to toe to make a fashion statement, instead combine leopard print moccasins or clutch with your outfit.