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Mira Duma, previously the editor of Russian Harpers Bazaar has lead the way in materialising key trends, interpreting catwalk collections into street style & helping to change the persona of stereotypical Russian dressing. Mira is fresh, young & playful in her style providing an exuberant source of inspiration for many…. here is an interesting article by the telegraph on her take on Russian aesthetic:    http://fashion.telegraph.co.uk/news-features/TMG9523669/Whos-that-girl-Miroslava-Duma.html

Below is some of our favourite looks of Mira Duma following this seasons key trends…. click on the links and see Feather’s picks to fulfil each trend:

Shop: Leather Edition

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d8ed95abcf9c66ff36a96c093cce3776 b82d482a4d63f512e5f7a9defb6555e1Shop: Colour Blocking

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