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Have a read on Jacopo Etro, Creative Director of the Etro Home & Textiles Collections on discovering the passion for textiles & the significance of the paisley print.


“Textile culture, just like in our continuing research, are always the starting point for our creations. Etro was born as a textiles company in 1968, but the passion for fabrics and the story that they tell is always at the forefront of the business. This dates back to my grandfather, who owned a textile company back in the forties.

My father, Gimmo Etro, has always travelled regularly for work, but also for his love of culture: these are essential components because fabrics tell a story of culture and anthropology.

The Paisley, an ancient symbol rich in meaning that was born in Mesopotamia, has become a real passion. Our archive includes antique shawls and cashmeres ranging from eighteenth century India, France and England, as well as vast historical archives home furnishing fabrics, exotic textiles, Italian prints and books from Africa, Asia and South America. We have collected inspirational fabric swatches from all over the world, building up a solid library that truly reflects our style, due to the fact that we have all contributed to the collection. When we begin to work on a new collection we start by looking through our archives, from volumes that form the basis of our design references, the true heart of Paisley. Ideas begin to spark immediately. Sometimes a pattern, together with particular colours, which to others seems relatively unremarkable becomes something extraordinary for us. Sometimes inspirations come from contemporary art combined with old, classic patterns: a mix which reveals some interesting combinations.Everything is in the archive: yet it is up to us to interpret its messages in a completely contemporary, more creative way.” Etro Official Website

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