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Yesterday Rick Owen’s put on quite the show at Paris Fashion Week, bringing a bit of American Culture to the people of Paris. The designer had his collection on a troupe of dancers and created a stand out performance of stepping, along with the traditional ‘grit face’ expressions. Check out some of the photos taken my our Feather’s team, who were at the show and ultimately wowed them! We also have included a video to give you an insight into the extravaganza, as well as an interview from one of the dancers, taken from the blog ‘In The Gloss’! Click here to shop Rick Owens, Rick Owens Lillies or Rick Owens DRKSHDW

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Interview with LeeAnet Noble – Dancer 

“I have been stepping for most of my life—I was in the show Stomp on Broadway and I had done a show before with one of Rick [Owens]’s producers. Rick had seen some videos online of sorority stepping. Women steppers are hard. When they came out with stepping in sororities, they embodied the intensity and togetherness that the men’s groups had previously shown, the sisterhood. And when Rick saw the clips, he thought that their intensity embodied the vicious pieces, strong materials, and colors in his collection.

I’d heard of Rick Owens through hip hop songs, in lyrics where guys rap about him, but when they called me in New York about the idea, I did some research and basically screamed, ‘Oh my goodness!’ They said they needed 40 women steppers, so I called everyone I knew that would be great for this project, and a lot of them didn’t believe me at first. The idea was to bring stepping—something that has roots at colleges and in the streets—to a new level of high art.

The clothes are comfortable, so I love them. I’m always dancing, and I’m also a drummer—I need things that I can move in! I don’t walk around in high heels and tight skirts. [Laughs]. What we wore for the show is perfect for me.

I also never wear makeup unless I’m doing a show. I like to go natural, and use simple cleansers. I especially like the Bioré masks. When I do wear makeup, I love CoverGirl’s Queen collection by Queen Latifah. The colors are great and still natural.

If everyone’s wearing one thing, I like to change it up a little bit by turning something sideways, adding a funky bracelet, or ripping something, so I just touch the trend.”