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To get an instant polished look that is clean and stylish the best trick is to keep it simple; with many brands like Jil Sander, Jil Sander Navy and Sofie D’Hoore leading the way in this trend, a sophisticated preppy ensemble is easy to create with a few basics. Here are the top 5 items to make this look work for you:

1. Crisp white shirt: nicely pressed or layered under a sweater; it is a must have piece, which can be worn for casual, work or evening!

2. A pair of tapered or straight leg trousers: this look requires practicality, which is why a tailored pair of trousers are an effortless essential. Remember though to have your trousers cut just above the narrowest part of your ankle… more flattering for majority of women.

3. A straight or pleated skirt: think school girl to add a touch of girly femininity to a masculine trend. Also play around with textures, for those who are more adventurous, why not incorporate a leather skirt into your outfit.

4. A wool coat: Keep this slightly boxy and double breasted…. usually best in a block colour as it will be your staple throughout autumn/winter!

5. Brogues or for a sexier approach a pair of pointed stiletto heels: Depending on your mood or style these 2 types of shoes are the best complementary accessory to the preppy look. Brogues will lean to a more masculine look, and stilettos will add a feminine touch.

Go on give it a go….. to help click here for our ‘Shop the Trend’ page and see our Pinterest board for more inspiration…..

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