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Being a boutique in London, we pride ourselves on quality and appreciate the workmanship in many of our products. So when we came across photographer Julian Love and his project on London based artisans we couldn’t help but share it with you all. Being an independent boutique, we love the notion of celebrating the hard work, behind the scenes element of these images; to shine a light on craftsman and the sub culture of the quirky flair / traditional aspects of what London city has to offer!

“I wanted to create a series of portraits celebrating the people behind the revival of the artisan scene in London. From salmon smokers to bicycle frame makers, London is seeing a resurgence in the popularity of handmade food and crafts….”

Look through and let us know what you think?

Julian-Love-Handmade-London-lrg-0002-600x424 Julian-Love-Handmade-London-lrg-0003-600x424 Julian-Love-Handmade-London-lrg-0004-600x424 Julian-Love-Handmade-London-lrg-0005-600x424 Julian-Love-Handmade-London-lrg-0006-600x424 Julian-Love-Handmade-London-lrg-0007-600x424 Julian-Love-Handmade-London-lrg-0008-600x424 Julian-Love-Handmade-London-lrg-0009-600x424 Julian-Love-Handmade-London-lrg-0010-600x424 Julian-Love-Handmade-London-lrg-0011-600x424 Julian-Love-Handmade-London-lrg-0012-600x424 Julian-Love-Handmade-London-lrg-0014-600x424