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Rick Owens SS14 show was the highlight of Paris Fashion Week, with his cast of 40 step artists dancing and creating a rhythm with their bodies movements. Six months down the line, we are all still talking about the cultural significance and power of the performance. Have a read of the ‘One Step Beyond’ interview from Dazed Digital, who talked with a few of the performers and their experience and how the performance came about.

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I was like, ‘Oh my God, what have we signed up for? I’m going to vomit!’ I knew from that moment it was going to be crazy.


This was about strength. We didn’t want to be seen as angry black women. This was about staying true to who we are. We represent the love of the dance as art


We wanted to be careful about how we were going to be portrayed – we didn’t want to be seen as angry black women. Rick was very sensitive to that and wanted to make sure we weren’t misrepresented. It’s interesting because there was a very different response from people inside the room compared to those looking into the situation.

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