Although we always opt for black/white and grey for a modern and easy look, it can sometimes look a bit dull. This winter we would like to inject some colour into the wardrobe, what colour is better than the refreshing shades of blue?blue2

Not going too far from the winter dark colour palette, why not try this pale blue shirt with black doodling from Carven? Instant youthful look is guaranteed.



Another way to introduce shades of blue to your wardrobe is to play around details. This electric blue fox fur lined parka from Mr & Mrs Furs not only gives you that cool military vibe but also feels luxuriously warm.



Last but not least, add some denim to your look. Patchworked denim is still the talk of town. Try these Current Elliot ‘the fling’ boyfriend jeans, they are very stylish yet still ultra comfy. Here’s Feathers’ edit of our favourite blue pieces:


THE ROW FOR LINDA FARROW GALLERY – ‘THE ROW 36’ SUNGLASSES; Phillip Audibert Bracelet; Anita Fur shawl: U Aviu Plain leather cardigan; Moschino Denim cap;Current Elliot ‘the fling’ boyfriend jeans.All available at Feathers Knightbridge store.